Hello world!

My name is Mike Bianchi and this idea came to me while on vacation with my wife. With 3 kids at home we wanted to maximize our precious time away. Wanting the most enjoyment, in the shortest amount of time, we decided to go to the beach on a 60+ degree sunny day. The problem was that at the beach the wind was blowing too hard and it ruined our chances to enjoy it fully. I then noticed the hotel had some beach chairs on their side protecting from the wind, and that’s where the idea came from.

As we flew home, I started to think about all the uses a wind screen would have. For example, I value my alone time with my wife and it’s hard on a crowded beach but this screen would section space for us. I could use less of my family complaining that “the sand is blowing on me, my towel keeps blowing, this is so annoying I’m trying to read, and I can’t hold the pages down.” We also love camping, and fires, but it can get frustrating fast when there is a strong wind and everyone is depending on you to keep warm, and cook.

The windsheeld eliminated these problems.

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